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UTeM experiences significant achievements in research activities as it endeavours to be one of the world's leading innovative and creative technical universities. The number of papers published in reputable journals has increased substantially. An upsurge in research funding and sizeable postgraduate population reflects a persistent growth of its research activities. UTeM has identified "Advanced Manufacturing Technology" as its niche area. The multidisciplinary nature of its thrust areas and research clusters draws the strengths of existing faculties within the University and enhances research and innovation activities.

UTeM supports strategic alliances between industries and researchers to expedite the research development and commercialization processes as well as provide a competitive advantage for each other. A lot of research information is disseminated to community and industry through seminars, conferences, exhibitions and competitions. Ownership of new findings has been protected through Intellectual Property Initiatives at the University. In sustaining the university research, innovation and commercialization activities, UTeM builds on individuals and group excellence, stimulates growth and innovative thinking, and creates greater wealth for individuals, businesses and community at large, in terms of one nation's economic and social benefits.

UTeM has established a central body, known as the Centre for Research and Innovation Management (CRIM) to effectively coordinate, assess and promote all research activities at the University. The Centre also seeks out commercial application for the products, technology and services the research produces.

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