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UTeM | Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka


Research Fund

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The University has identified four categories of research grants, namely internal, external, industry and international grants. Internal or short term research grants are to build capacity in research for new and young researchers. The specific objectives are to:  

            • provide seed funding before bigger research projects can be implemented
          • promote post graduate and national human resource development 

External grants are research grants funded by the government of Malaysia, for example the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). The grants for higher education focus on the fundamental research mainly for the development of new and emerging knowledge and technology. Furthermore, the grants from MOSTI encourage research on applied sciences which aim to produce prototype and marketable products.Industry Grants are grants offered by the public and industrial sectors. The grants are offered via SMART Partnership, and the research progress is closely monitored. As for the International Grants, they are offered by international bodies or institutions.

The number of research grants received by the University has increased substantially. The increase is due to the continuous development in the Research & Innovation work and output, as well as strategic networking with collaborative partnerships. University is playing a key role in economic regeneration and contributing to both economic and social prosperity. Commitment to research and teaching are central to all University activities.

Important Date for Research Grant Application 2012 

Research Scheme  of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) Proposal Submission Deadline via URIS (before 12 midnight)
University Short Term Research Grant 2012/2013 1st – 15th May 2012

ScienceFund and TechnoFund under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI)
For both ScienceFund and Technofund, application has to be submitted through Research Management Centre of the university i.e. CRIM in UTeM. For ScienceFund, online application can be submitted throughout the year via eSciencefund portal at For TechnoFund, application form and guideline can be downloaded from MOSTI’s website at or URIS. Starting from December 2011, all applications are evaluated under grant cycle and thus all proposals have to be submitted to CRIM (For ScienceFund via eSciencefund portal, and for TechnoFund submission of application forms in both printed copies and soft copies) before the deadline set as follows:

Grant Cycle


Proposal Submission Deadline to CRIM


16 May 2012 (Wed)


16 August 2012 (Thurs)


13 December 2012 (Thurs)

Other Research Grant
- Science & Technology Research Grant under Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF)

Application form to be submitted to MTSF on or before 31st May each year. Application form and guideline can be downloaded from MTSF’s website at


(Updated by CRIM on May 2012)