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Welcome to Centre For Graduate Studies


The Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) was established to further enhance the contribution of UTeM in the area of engineering, technology and management through rigorous and dedicated academic research.  The research activities at UTeM are geared towards the combination of applied industrial and academic excellence.

The Centre for Graduate Studies strives to provide higher degree education that is of high quality and relevant to the needs of the various participants from the range of programs offered. The ability to respond to participant’s need is facilitated by a program structure, which permits the maximum flexibility consistent with the maintenance of academic requirements and standards while emphasizing on close professional relationships between staff and students within the Centre. It is part of an academic community, which prides itself on an outstanding reputation for teaching and research. The academic staffs, working at the frontier of their interests, are often in close collaboration with colleagues from the industries and the Government. In the spirit of supportive fraternity, all students, regardless of creed and background, benefit from the challenges and opportunities presented by such environment.

Students tend to identify most strongly with their academic department or individual supervisor. However, all graduate students at UTeM, as well as those involved in teaching and supporting them, are also members of the Centre for Graduate Studies. The Centre supports academic excellence of departments by providing a high-level focus within the University for graduate study and the interest of the graduate students; it also organizes research training program and participates in the quality assurance of postgraduate degrees.

We at the Centre for Graduate Studies are committed to providing you with numerous opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge while assisting you with a supportive yet challenging environment.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 25 September 2014 )
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