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Institute of Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (IPTK) were established on 1 January, 2004 through the approval of the Higher Education Department letter dated 21 January, 2004. Academic session started on June 2004/2005 with programs being offered at post-graduate levels are Master of Science (MSc by research) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD by research).

Programs that have been offered at that time are MSc in Human Resource Development, Industrial Counselling Industry and Technical Communication. Whereas under PhD levels, programs that offered are Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship, R & D Management, Quality Management, Technical Communication also Education Technology and Training.

However, due to the formation of Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship (FPTT), IPTK has been dormant and inactive until it being reactivated again on 26 November 2014.

Currently, academic programs that offered by IPTK are courses which are not been implemented in FPTT. In other words, the reactivated of IPTK are to fill and strengthen social sciences in academic and technical research also engineering. Among academics program that being offered in IPTK are MSc in Human Resource Development, Industrial Counselling and Technical Communication. Whereas at PhD level, programs that been offered are Human Resource Development, Technical Communications, Industrial and Organizational Counselling and Technical Education and Training. In future, IPTK are also looking forward to offer PhD by taught course for the four programs.

The justification of IPTK action in offering post-graduate programs are based from several objectives such as to provide opportunities for postgraduate students to apply social science research in engineering and technical ecosystem also to support activities of multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research involving all faculties in Univerisiti Teknikal Melaka Malaysia (UTeM).

For entry requirement at PhD and MSc level, candidate need to have good degree (Master or bachelor) from UTeM or any institution of higher learning which are recognized by the Senate UTeM related to the field of study applied for or other qualifications equivalent to a bachelor's degree and relevant experience recognized by the Senate UTeM.