Department Of Technology Management


BTMI is a program that develops individuals who can manage manufacturing operation and production, process engineering, R&D, projects and product or service innovation activities in any manufacturing, technology or service organizations. Besides being an intelligent worker, the graduates will be able to seek opportunities from R&D activities and innovate it to become a successful business.

To realize this, students will be taught subjects related to management, technology, and technopreneurship with greater focus on innovation knowledge in products and processes or services.

Strategic Innovation Management, Technology Transfer, Technology Planning and Forecasting, Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization, Quality Management, Management of Change and Project management are the core subjects for this program.



Graduates of BTMI can be employed as executives, officers and middle managers in manufacturing operations and production departments, process engineeers, R&D organizations, technical business organizations, management consultants and service organisations. More importantly, they could be self-employed, start their own businesses equipped with knowledge on seeking opportunities and turning it into a successful venture.


Marketing is rapidly changing and it has led to the creation of a new type of professional who understands marketing and technology that drives a businesses marketing efforts within the boundary of classic marketing mix: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. However, the internet of things has created a demand for professionals able to function in the crossover between these classical frameworks. FPTT Bachelor degree in High-Tech Marketing program is designed in responding to the rapid evolving needs of the marketing field in a digitalized world as organizations demand a new set of marketing skills due to the shift from traditional to digital marketing strategies.

To achieve this, the program uses an academic skills model that emphasizes broad skills across related disciplines within the core of technology related to marketing. It draws from key areas related to content, design, development and information systems to develop graduates with a broad understanding of the use of high technology in marketing. The program emphasizes the application of theory to practice and will require one semester industrial training experience with an approved employer. The program requires 129 credits drawn from a number of academic disciplines including:
• Marketing
• Economics
• Business Management
• Multi- Media Graphics Management
• Information and Communications Technology

Furthermore, three (3) elective courses from these disciplines are tailored to provide added flexibility to strengthen major area. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first bachelor degrees in High-Tech Marketing offered in public university in Malaysia.

Program graduates can find employment as:
• Marketing Managers
• Green Marketers
• Market Research Analysts
• Advertising and Promotions Managers
• Public Relations Specialists
• A pool of new jobs that are emerging as a result of thetrend of business in the world from pro economic to pro -social then pro-environment.



This is the extra curricular program from students, by students and for students to help students make connections on campus and maximize their college experience through student organizations. This program promotes a sense of community and loyalty to the university while serving to enhance the social, intellectual and developmental growth of students as individuals or as members of organizations. By engaging members of the University community in collaborative efforts, student activities nurtures citizenship, leadership, and community while striving to assist in the holistic development of students. The program also encourages students to be equally active in sports where facilities such as indoor badminton courts, gymnasium and mini-stadium are provided to ensure that students have a balanced university life. Leadership Training Programs is provided to enhance the quality of student involvement, aid in the personal and leadership development of students, and encourage students to seek their full potential through training workshops, conferences, on-call organizational and leadership consultation, leadership recognition, special population programs, and leadership resources. For those who like outing, inside campuss there is a field for outdoor recreation facilities where camping equipment (stoves, lanterns, sleeping bags, tents, and backpacks) provided for free. As a school of business, business related activities to support teaching and learning are at the main priority. Those activities include: business plan competition, and a unique car boot in which private individuals come together to sell most goods student in needs in car boot. This United Kingdom’s popular concept in now brought here by our students.