PHD (By Research)


The Doctoral candidate by research is supervised by an academic staff (or a panel of supervisors) from the FPTT and other engineering faculties in UTeM. The directed research work will focus on technology management and technology entrepreneurship that introduces candidates to the processes by which new knowledge is developed or/and applied accordingly. The specific topic of investigation will be agreed upon by the supervisor (or panel of supervisors) and the candidate. The academic progress of a candidate is assessed through a research Progress Report submitted at the end of each semester. The degree is awarded based on an oral examination (viva-voce) of the thesis submitted by the candidate on completion of the study. Candidates intending to study by research may submit their application for admission throughout the year.



· Entrepreneurship

· Technology Management



                                                      Doctoral Programme (By Research)

  Subject Credit
CompulsorySubject Research Methodology 3

Elective Subjects

(choose one)

Entrepreneurship 3
Engineering & Technology Management 3
Project Management 3
Quality Systems Management 3
Thesis 84
Total Credit 90



Doctoral Programme (By Research)

• A Master’s degree from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka or any other institutions of higher learning recognized by University; or Other qualifications equivalent to Master degree with experience in relevant field recognized by University.

• International students are required to pass TOEFL (minimum score 550) or IELTS (minimum score 6.0)



Application throughout the year



4 – 16 semesters (2 – 8 years)


                                                                                  FEE STRUCTURE

  Details Local (RM)



A Registration Fee    
Orientation 110 110
Registration 20 20
Alumni 100 100
Student smart card 50 50
Total (A) 280.00 280.00
B Service Fee    
Student activities 140 140
Administration 25 25
Total 165 165
Total for 6 semester (B) 990.00 990.00
C Tuition Fee    
i) Compulsory subjects (18 credits) (per credit) 200.00 400.00
Subtotal 1,200.00 2,400.00
ii) Research (84 credits) (per credit) 146.00 292.00
Subtotal 12,264.00 24,528.00
Total (C) 13,464.00 26,928.00
D Thesis examination    
i) Examination fee 1,500.00 1,500.00
ii) Re-examination fee 1,500.00 1,500.00
Total (D) 1,500.00 1,500.00
Total (A+B+C+D) 16,234.00 29,698.00
Sub sequent semester (Extension) Service Fee 165.00 165.00