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Where Great Career Begin

Where Great Career Begin

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This program is intended to produce graduates who are semi professional employee that possess strong engineering knowledge based on skill as assistant engineers. Apart from that, this program is a pathway for students with SPM qualification to further their studies to a higher level in their respective fields, especially the Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering Bachelor’s Programme in UTeM.

Course Implementation

The number of credits required to be awarded a Diploma is 93 credits.
This course will take three (3) years minimum which emphasis on the latest technology and up to date skills.
The composition of the credits is as follows:


Credit Hours
Compulsory University Courses

Core Program Courses        

 Engineering (63 Credit Hours)

       Science and Mathematics
       (14 Credit Hours)


This course is based on practical and application oriented where the student will be involved in laboratory experiments, computer aided learning, working on practical assignments in electrical engineering workshop. UTeM is the first to conduct this type of Diploma.

Graduates Career Prospects

Demands for semi professional level labour forces that are trained in electrical engineering are extremely high especially in the industry sector. Correspond to that, UTeM’s Electrical Engineering diploma graduates which are groomed with practical and application oriented are highly potential in fulfilling the workforce markets. Because of this, the career prospects and chances for UTeM’s graduate in this field are brighter as they have been equipped with the technical knowledge and practical skills.


Curriculum Structure
Subject Details For Diploma Program
Admission Requirements


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