“Power as internationally there is a growing shortage of good electrical power engineers and therefore better long term prospects.” David Rayworth, London Power Associates

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University Technical Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) was established in early 2001. The faculty was formally in operation on 22 June 2001 after obtaining approval from the Ministry of Education Malaysia. In May 3, 2005, the faculty moved from the temporary campus in Taman Tasik Utama, Air Keroh, Melaka to the main campus in Mukim Durian Tunggal, Melaka.

As one of the oldest department in the faculty , this department continues to strive for education excellence through high quality theory and practical education in electrical engineering field. With the combination of lecturers with various expertises, experienced teaching engineers and well equipped laboratories, our graduates are sought after by the industrial sectors that demand technical and practical knowledge. To further emphasize the important of many fields in electrical engineering, the faculty has been organized into three more departments:, Department of Power Electronics and Drives, Department of Control, Instrumentation and Automation, Department of Mechatronics, each with their own specialization.

POWER is synonym with improvement, development and efficiency of the power transmission system, lightning arrestor and energy management in Malaysia. Member of academics staff at POWER department are active in producing and presenting papers for journals and conferences, at both national and international level. Our department offers exciting and challenging opportunities and a secure future to anyone ready to take on the global challenges. The combination of lecturers, teaching engineers and tutors from various field of expert is essential in order to produce graduates with competency in academic and technical knowledge before they get into industry.